Jul 2016
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Castle Game Jam

Castle Game Jam is a rapid result driven game development event where teams create prototypes over the course of 1 week in a big castle. Teams generally consist of 1 to 5 developers which are either formed beforehand or during the start of the event. The location of Castle Game Jam vary from year to year and its participants come from all over the world. After a successful game jam the teams should've created prototypes which they can continue to develop and release. There's also lectures, workshops, live music, trade fair, parties and so much more for the participants to attend. You have to be atleast 18 years old to attend this event as a participant since there will be alcohol available at the venue during the week, with some exceptions.

We find Örebro Castle on a small island in the river Svartån which runs through the heart of Örebro, situated in Sweden between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo, Norway. With a total of almost 1,000 m2, divided between five rooms for participants, the castle will offer us everything we need while at the same time providing us with a historically interesting environment to further stimulate our creative capacity. Örebro is a city of roughly 100,000 inhabitants and offer a wide variety of i.e. food and activities. The castle is located close to the central train station, which you can reach easily by train or bus from many locations in Sweden. We will gladly help you find the best route for your trip to be able to join us.

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