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Sep 2017
Örebro universitet Örebro

Battle of the Bridge

Örebro HEMA invites all fencers to our new event Battle of the Bridge 2017, September 8th to September 10th 2017.

The event costs 900 SEK and for that price you get to fight in at least 3, most likely 4 different tournaments.

Last day for registration August 20th 2017.

When organizing an event one needs to start with the vision. Our goals with Battle of the Bridge are the following:
1. Offer an event with a strong beginner focus, to balance up the many prestigious events in the Nordic region. We want this event to be a good first or second tournament, but at the same time offer good quality bouts for more seasoned fencers.
2. Offer a quality sabre tournament to give the growing sabre scene more events to improve.
3. Work against a possible stagnation of the Nordic scene by offering a variation in both tournament setup and ruleset.
4. Give fencers a lot of bouts in the event to give great value for the money.
5. Organizing an event that’s professional and of high quality, but at the same time relaxed and friendly with a clear learning focus, rather than a prestigious event for fencers to train for.

How do we plan to achieve these five goals?
The tournaments will be fought on mats that are 4*8 meters. By cutting the normal mats in half like this we will be able to fit twice as many mats in the same hall space. We will be running this event on 5 mats. Using normal Nordic rules and setup for 5 mats would require a way too big staff for it to be financially reasonable for the fencers. We will instead use a system often used in for example Poland, where the referee also is the judge, together with a supporting judge. By using this system a mat can be staffed by three people (ref, judge and table) instead of ten people using a full judging staff. This will naturally mean that the quality of the calls will go down, but for us this is an acceptable tradeoff. We are trading way more quantity for a bit less quality.

The ruleset will be explained in more detail later, but the point is that afterblows aren’t weighted and you only score by a clean exchange. First to win three exchanges wins the bout.
The event setup will have two different registrations, one for longsword and one for sabre, rapier and sword and buckler (registration Longsword or registration One-handed). All weapons will be Bring your own steel, but we are looking into offering a few rental weapons. You will only be able to participate in either Longsword or One-handed. In the registration it is included to staff one tournament. All fencers are required to staff one tournament if asked.

The schedule, based on a registration number of no more than 60 fencers per Block, will be something on the lines of the following:

Friday the 8th of September
17:00 – Registration opens.
19:00 – Sabre tournament 1 and Rapier tournament 1 (One-handed block 1)

Saturday the 9th of September
09:00 – Longsword tournaments 1 and Longsword tournament 2 (Longsword block 1)
11:30 – Sabre tournament 2 and Sword and buckler tournament 1 (One-handed block 2)
14:00 – Longsword tournament 3 and Longsword tournament 4 (Longsword block 2)
16:30 – Sabre tournament 3 and Rapier and dagger tournament 1 (One-handed block 3)
19:00 – Longsword tournament 5 (Longsword block 3)

Sunday the 10th of September
09:00 – Sabre tournament 4 and the most popular combination again (One-handed block 4)
11:30 – Longsword tournament 6 and Longsword tournament 7 (Longsword block 4)
14:00 – Event over

If you are registered for Longsword you can chose to fight in one longsword tournament per block, but you register for each event on site and can decide to sit one out if you are getting tired or injured.

Longsword themes:
Block 1 = The top 50% registered in HEMA Rankings in one tournament and one tournament for the bottom 50 % in HEMA Ratings (and for those not ranked). This means that the first event will be adapted so that beginner knows that none of the best fencers are in their tournament.

Block 2 = TBA, give us your ideas!

Block 3 = Open

Block 4 = TBA, give us your ideas!

If you are having ideas for longsword competitions that you would like to see, feel free to tell us. We have been discussing having an age split, a height split, doing an event that doesn’t allow thrusts and so on. Give us your best ideas! Please note that it’s not different rulesets we want to use, but rather tournament split between the two longsword tournaments in the block, or some form of very limited rule modification. All tournaments will be fought using the Polish system stated above.

Regarding the One-handed registration you will have to choose between doing sabre and doing the other one-handed weapon offered. You can of course change between the blocks, but the events in each block are running at the same time, so that it’s not possible to do both sabre and rapier in the same block.

We will strive to have at least six person pools for as many of the pools as possible, meaning that if you lose every single fight you will still get 20 tournament bouts. The pools will be followed by elimination brackets. For 900 SEK that is a great SEK/bout price.

We are renting two huge halls at Örebro University, on the site for the Swedish Nationals 2016. One hall will be dedicated to sparring.

Just like all competitions in Sweden, members of Swedish clubs must have a competition license!

For more info see http://orebrohema.se/battle-of-the-bridge/

Sleeping hall booking:

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