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Sep 2015
Värmlands Campen Örebro

Örebro Sparring Camp

Welcome to Örebro HEMA:s annual Sparring Camp!

The last weekend of September, one month before Swordfish, Örebro HEMA is hosting a camp dedicated to sparring and training. No classes, just focused training.

As always, the event will take place in the great venue at Värmlands campanläggning, http://varmlandscamp.se/, located by the shores of Vänern in old artillery barracks. Please note that Värmlands campanläggning is not located in Örebro. This is the fifth time we are hosting an event in cooperation with the people at Värmlands campanläggning and we are more than happy with the accommodations and the level of service, which among other things now include hot tubs.

You are welcome to arrive from 18.00 on Friday September 25. The event closes with lunch on Sunday.

The price for the event is 1000 SEK. For that you’ll get
• Lodging in a bed, including sheets and towel. You don’t have to bring any sleeping gear at all.
• Breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday. The quality of the food is very high and the portions are huge.
• Access to an old school gym and excellent running tracks.
• Access to a hall for sparring and the opportunity to spar with a lot of great fencers.

For 200 SEK extra you can get a part of a double room instead of a dorm.

We are very happy that we saw a lot of rapier and sabre fencing last year, and hope we will keep getting more than just longsworders.

Registration is done through e-mail to carl_ryrberg@hotmail.com no later than September 13. Registration is binding and fee will not be refunded. We will book meals and accommodations September 13, meaning that we will have to pay for your food, linen and room, even if you unregister after this date. Because of this you will still have to pay the full price of the event even if you don’t attend if you drop out after September 13.

Make sure you include the following information in your registration:
Any allergies and injuries

Payment is made to our account (Plusgiro) 30 71 86-7. Fill in OCR / message box with "name, club".

For international payments:
IBAN account: SE97 9500 0099 6034 0307 1867
BIC-code (SWIFT-adress): NDEASESS

Account owner:
Toringsgatan 6
703 67 ÖREBRO

Welcome to a weekend of great training!

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